Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top 10 Characters for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - #8 Poggle the Lesser

In this video we will go over the TOP 10 SW:GoH as rated by www.SWGoHcantina.com as well as my personal rating.  We will focus on #8 from this list - Poggle the Lesser.  Poggle  is a Dark Side Geonosian and Support.  His description is a Support character with strong droid synergies.  Poggle is not as difficult as #10 Rey or #9 Poe to acquire as you can get him from Galactic War Shipments and a lower Light Side battle (4-E) .

SWGoHCantina.com Ranking:  #8
My personal rating:  9 in a Droid Team, 7 (non-Droid team) (based on a 1 being worst, 10 being best)

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