Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top 10 Characters for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - #6 Qui-Gon Jin

In this video we will go over the TOP 10 SW:GoH as rated by www.SWGoHcantina.com as well as my personal rating.  We will focus on #6 from this list - Qui-Gon Jin.  QGJ  is a Light Side Support Jedi.  His description is a Versatile attacker focused on generating extra attacks.  QGJ is currently the META right now based on his speed and you can't go wrong with having him on your team.  Paired with other Jedi's, especially Anakin and Yoda, makes it's a formidable team.  He can be aquired through Data cards and Cantina Shipment rewards.

SWGoHCantina.com Ranking:  #6
My personal rating: 10 (based on a 1 being worst, 10 being best)

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See more about Qui-Gon Jin at http://www.swgohcantina.com/qui-gon-jinn

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