Tuesday, March 1, 2016

[LIVE STREAM] SW:GoH What is “Meta”?, Rank #1 Arena, F2P/P2P Galactic Wa...

Today we will be going over the “Meta” – What is the “Meta”? Why should you care? How is it changed or altered? We will complete Arena Rank 1 matches, Galactic Wars and look at both perspectives from my Free to Play and Pay to Play Accounts. And always I will answer any questions and of course we will have some general Star Wars discussion.

ALLY CODES: 429-947-636 F2P 732-518-299 P2P

LordSkunk is a rank 1 arena player in the mobile app Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for iOS. During the Live Streams we cover P2P/F2P teams and strategies, Arena Battles, Galactic Wars and more! Please show your support by sharing and subscribing. Please post any questions, comments or suggestions. Thank you and... "May the Force be with you!"

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