Saturday, March 26, 2016

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Tank Alternatives by Revdrshaw

When they are doing their jobs properly, a tank can protect your cannons, and give them a chance to mow down your opponent.  As it stands now, Royal Guard is standing red helmet and shoulders above the other taunting tanks in arena viability.  At this point, anyone running Qui Gon and Yoda, can easily deal with Poe, who's handsome mug cannot overcome his lack of expose reliability since the nerf.  Han is way to squishy in his current state.  Further, anyone who has been playing this game for a while knows that the only time Chewbacca was relevant was your first week of playing this game when your team consisted of him, JC, and the Clone Trooper.

So if you find yourself like me, invested in a Poe you don’t use anymore, and way behind on farming Royal Guard because he used to be awful, how do protect all your squishy firepower in the arena?  I would like to suggest, the tank alternative.  The tank alternative is a character that does not have a taunt or an auto taunt.  However, they have a good amount of health, and they also give your opponent a good reason to attack them on turn one.  This serves essentially as an auto taunt and gives your cannons a few extra turns to bring the pain.  The most essential part of this strategy is that your tank alternative has to draw concern from your opponent if left unchecked.  Here four possible candidates:

Jedi Knight Anakin-
At level 80 Anakin is going to have just north of 18k health and 144 speed.  The fast, tanky attacker is a great prototype for this role. He also has good utility with the chance of offense up, healing immunity, and buff immunity.  His damage output is not super great for an attacker.  At first glance, Anakin is good, but not overwhelming….that is…until you piss him off.  Every time you kill Anakin’s teammate, he gets to take a turn, with offense up.  I have seen a team wipe out every one else on Anakin’s team and then get wiped out by Anakin alone.  If your opponent doesn’t deal with him first, they will certainly regret it.  This is why he makes a great tank alternative for arena.

Old Daka-
I can’t tell you how many people have given me the advice to kill Daka first, and for good reason…potent stuns, decent speed, manual and auto chance at revive.  We have all seen the following scenario: Use 2-3 hits to kill an opponent, Daka revives, Lumi heals, now their team is back in the game, and your are waiting on your cool downs.  Daka also has enough health that she can absorb several hits before going down.  Your opponent may leave her alone with their first turn, but C3PO would tell you those odds are quite low.

Captain Phasma-
Most players have probably faced Phasma a ton of times, and have their preferred methods of dealing with her.  I am adding her to this list mainly due to the upcoming rework of advantage.  Once she uses Victory March, the critical hits are going to start popping like Luke staring down a womp rat with his T-16.  Phasma also has enough health that most teams will most likely need to stun or ability block her on turn one to avoid it all together.  Several people already target Phasma early in the current meta to avoid all the turn meter manipulation.

I am really interested in farming magma trooper for this role on my squad.  At level 80, Magmatrooper is going to have just over 20k health, will bring AOE turn meter manipulation, and utilizes high tenacity for more turn meter manipulation.  Therefore, stuns and ability blocks are going to be anti-productive, and you will jut need to focus most of a full round of call and assist damage on the trooper.  Not that there’s any shortage of that going around.  This toon is currently not that tested, and we will have to see how his damage and mediocre speed pan out, but the skills and stats look like a possible fit for this role.

There are certainly other potential candidates to fill this role, but these.  I would love to hear any alternatives you come up with in the comments below.

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