Friday, March 25, 2016

Predicting the future of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes— a theory

Check out this great post from Community member Daniel Bruce about his theory regarding the future Character releases in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes:

If you do not want any spoilers you should stop reading now.

Predicting the future is always a tricky thing to do. But it’s hard not to give it a try when you are presented with hidden game data and hints on new features for your favorite game. In Galaxy of Heroes we already have a huge roster of fun and popular characters from the Star Wars universe. But not only that. There are quite obviously multiple versions of the same characters. We have all seen the two Lukes  — “Standard” Luke Skywalker and The Empire Luke at Dark Side 5-B. But there is also a Hoth Rebel Luke in the game data. Three versions of one characters and that is just one example. There are so many more. Like Darth Sidious /Emperor Palpatine, Jedi Knight Anakin/Padawan Anakin and Clone Wars Chewbacca / Chewbacca. In my opinion it would be very strange if I could play with several versions of a character at the same time. A lineup with three Lukes and two Yodas just doesn't make sense.

So what is the plan? What’s up Capital Games sleeves? My prediction is that we will have some type of feature in the game where you can either upgrade your character to a different version or switch between these versions. At a cost of course. I’m also thinking that the inactive table with the three heads — far left in the cantina — might be the location for this feature. Sure this is pure speculation on my side but it does make sense. It would bring a new dimension to the game. This might even come with special battles from different time periods where you only can bring characters from that time. Just think about a Endor battle event limited to Ewoks, Endor Rebels, ROTJ Luke, Han, Leia, R2D2 and Chewie. 

The implications of this might be that if you somewhere down the line want to play with ROTJ Luke, Hoth Leia or Pod Racer Anakin you should start farming that character right now. That said, the game is still very young and this feature might be many months away. Maybe years. So you should probably still focus on bulding your arena team. But if you ever get bored, have some extra recourses and no idea on who to farm. Well then you should reconsider farming a future version of a current character.

What are your thoughts on Daniel's theories?  Could this be true?  You can comment here.

Daniel Bruce is a veteran player of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and a true fan of the Star Wars Universe and a member of the Community.  Follow him on Twitter @danielbruce_.  You can view his PERFECT 7 Star Yoda Event Completion "Flawless Victory" here

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