Monday, April 18, 2016

CG Developer Response to LordSkunk's Question About Arena Win and Losses

CG_NotReallyAJedi  responded to my question:  "Will the update that shows a player's stats in their profile show arena defensive wins as well? Or just offensive?"

This is what he had to say:

Not the answer I was looking for - but good to know moving forward!

Here are some features I would personally like to see in arenas:

Arena - I would love to see replays, stats and more from the defensive and offensive battles in arena. Similar to the Injustice mobile app game. The amount of stats they give and being able to watch the fight back is very helpful.

Also another idea for Arena - give the players some type of reward for winning. The better their performance the better chance at a reward. The rewards don't have to be huge but a chance at something would be a nice feature. The community as a whole would enjoy, if after each arena win, they got to open some type of arena card (similar to Bronzium style pack). Putting in an arena only character where you have a chance to get his/her shards would be really awesome (my character pick is Slave Leia!). It would keep arena interesting and competitive.

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