Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SWGOH Dev Update Ima-Gun Di, Royal Guard, Anakin and more in Cantina Battles!

EA_Jesse must have been up all night watching the Live Stream because he posted super late in the Developer's Update about who will be in the Cantina Stage 7 Battles available to us at Player Level 77.  See what he said below:


Here are the character Shards that will be available in the Stage 7 Cantina Battles starting this Thursday (4/14/2016).

7-A: Tusken Raider
7-B: Snowtrooper
7-C: Royal Guard
7-E: Ima-Gun Di
7-G: Jedi Knight Anakin

Some really great characters in here, hope you all enjoy these new ways to obtain them!

Awesome this is what we have been asking for!  So stop Hard Node Farming Ima Gun Di, Royal Guard and Anakin!  Discuss this and all things Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in the Discord Chat!

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