Saturday, April 9, 2016

Theory - Refreshing Gear in Shipments or Just Doing Nodes

I received a message from あっこ on Discord today.  He had some interesting points on Gear and getting it from refreshing shipments.  Here is what his theory is:

 Hey, Lord Skunk! I'm the Japanese guy again. I have something very interesting to share. Hope you and the community members like it.

It's about refreshing the Gear Shipments.

 I think it's reasonable to refresh the gear shipment twice a day (which cost 50 crystals each time) even for F2P players. My calculation is here.

It seems that it takes about 5 battles to get 1 gear we want in the side battles. And let's say we can get 120 energy for 100 crystals and each side battle cost 8 energy. 120/(8*5) = 3

So we can get 3 gears for 100 crystal. It's 33 crystals per gear.

Then look at the gear shipment. It will provide the chance to buy 10 gears for one refresh which cost 50 crystals (two chances each day). And the cost for each gear is less than 1000 credits (Actually it's about 700). So 5 crystals and 700 credits per gear.

 Side Battles: 33 crystals per gear
Shipments: 5 crystals 700 credits per

 The problem is, gears in the shipments could be something we don't need. But it's 6 times cheaper. We probably need more than 1 out of 6.

 I hope to hear your opinion. And it will be honor if you share this in the community.

 Personally, I have not been a big fan of refreshing the shipments for gear since the gear that is in shipments is random.  However, I do buy almost all the gear in shipments when they pop in there.  Here's why I don't personally like refreshing shipments with crystals - you may do a refresh and get nothing you need or you many get 3 items that are exactly what you need.  It's more risk, but if you are the gambling type then have at it!  What do you think?  Leave a comment below, and if you haven't done so, get into our chat on Discord so you can participate in these great Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes discussions with the community.

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