Monday, April 11, 2016

EA Posted and Update to the Player Profile Stats

EA_Jesse posted on the official forums an update to their notes about the Player Profiles coming soon and what info they will display.  We just discussed this on the Live Stream last night.  Here is what EA_Jesse said:


We've decided to change up the list of stats that we will be displaying on a player profile in the major update later this month. This change was made due to the feedback we received when we did the teaser update last week.

Here is a list of the final stats that will be shown on a player profile:

  • Total PvP Battles Won
  • Total Normal Battles Won
  • Total Hard Battles Won
  • Total Galactic War Battles Won
  • Total Guild Raids Won
  • Total PvP Battles Lost
  • Total Normal/Hard Battles Lost
  • Total Galactic War Battles Lost
  • Total Guild Raids Lost
  • Total Merit Tokens Earned
Below you can compare to what info they originally said would be displayed:
  • Total Arena Battles Won/Lost
  • Total Galactic War Battles Won
  • Total Sim Tickets Used
  • Total Energy Spent
  • Total Data Cards Opened
  • Total Credits Spent
It makes sense.  Be sure to join our Discord Chat to discuss this and all things SW:GoH and check out this Live Stream Tonight where we will go over this new info and more!


  1. I would love to be on the live stream with you I'm lvl 73 names Jedi Ghost. How can I get on and ask a question?

  2. Join our discord and hop into the "QUESTIONS" section in the voice area. Then we will bring you in for your question. Thats it!


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