Wednesday, April 6, 2016 Community Guilds - All Are Welcome! Community Guilds: 


The Community will be setting up Guilds for anyone in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes player base to join. Regardless of your player level, roster or spend level we will welcome you and find a Guild within our community that best fits your play style.  Each player will have the ability and will be encouraged to rise through the ranks and get promoted through the different Guild tiers as they progress through the game. 

The Community started in mid to late February and we have the fastest growing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes YouTube channel, Voice and Text chat with our Discord Server, and a website to share information. 

We currently have over 1100 members in Discord chat and it's growing everyday.  Every member will have a place in a TeamSkunk Guild.  Having this voice chat will help put us FAR AHEAD of other guilds who do not have this feature.  We have some of the top players in the world all the way down to people who just started the game.  So wherever you are at in your game progression we can find the best Guild tier to match you.

If you are interested in joining the first step is to join our Discord Server to coordinate with us once guilds are released to the game.  Also be sure to view our YouTube channel, Website you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter

COMMUNITY AND CHAT RULES: Please keep all chat communication and media shared clean and safe for work and members of all ages.  Failure to abide by the chat guidelines will result in immediate and permanent removal from the community.  Enjoy the BEST SW:GoH Community in the GALAXY! Guild Info: Community Site: YouTube Channel: YouTube Channel:
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  1. Maryland loves Undoubtably the Tighest SW:GoH site in the Galaxy ✌️🇱🇷✌🇱🇷✌👍

    1. At least I'm not the only one from Maryland that enjoys the LordSkunk Community ;)

  2. Top site and top information for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. You want to know what's going on in the game come here. Plus there is an Amazing commit hat is forming strong here. Lord Skunk has done a great job attracting many of the top players in the game and the community welcomes all players of all levels. I really enjoy listening to the community helping out young players particularly. All are welcome. You like the game, check this site out. Stay here you Will get better!

  3. Wonderful community from all walks of life all over the world from the free to play to the high spenders. Great overall information and keeps stuff up to date.

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  5. I Recently joined this community in preparation for the upcoming Guilds update. Having no entry requirements is excellent, the ability to get advice from top players which frequently post in the chat over on Discord is very helpful , Glad I decided to hop into it and meet other people who are into this game as much as I am, which is undoubtedly the best part!

    Bastila Dhan.

  6. I'm excited to know that I have a home with the Lord Skunk community. I'm really looking forward to helping my future guild and making a name for this community. #skunknation

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  8. V1p3rdynasty is my discord. I have a huge collection. 10 or more level 76 maxed toons.I'd like to join your top guild. Email me at to let me know how to apply. Money is no object. I'm good friends with JonVaper.

  9. Hey Lord Skunk! I just found out I needed to submit my request here to join your guild. So here I am! I see that Malia Bean and Remon Azab are already in your guild. I go against them regularly in PvP and would like to join the same guild as you guys. My user IGN is Sao Lohn. Thanks!

  10. so i was trying to get an inv to one of the guilds on discord and people were being jerks about it so i give up trying to get an inv ill just find a random guild...I watch your live streams all the time and then the ones i miss i go back and watch but im not gonna deal with people being jerks about stuff so


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