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SWGOH Guilds and Raids - Q&A *UPDATED AGAIN*

EA_Jesse posted a Guilds and Raids Q&A on the official forums today.  If you haven't joined a guild yet, the LordSkunk.com Community is hosting guilds for all players types and levels.  Check out Joining a LordSkunk.com Guild here.  Below is what Jesse had to say:

Hey everyone,

There have been a lot of questions surrounding Guilds and Raids, so I’m going to post the ones I’ve seen here along with the answers. If you have any additional questions go ahead and post them in this thread and I'll answer them as I can (and update the original post with the Q&A).

Q: How much does it cost to create a Guild?

A: The cost to create a Guild is 300,000 Credits.

Q: Can guild ownership be transferred? If so, what reset time does the guild use for activities? The original creator's reset time or the new leader's reset time?

A: Yes, Guild ownership can be transferred. The reset time will still be set to the original Guild Leaders time zone.

Q: Will there be in-game guild tags for guild members?

A: No, there will not be tags, however you can do a name change now to manually add the tag you’d like to use yourself.

Q: For guild daily activities and raids, will there be a complete roster contribution list?

A: Yes, via a leaderboard you will be able to see how much each Guild member has contributed.

Q: Do the Shared Activities earn Guild bank Currency or Individual Guild Currency?

A: Shared Guild Activities exclusively award Guild Currency, which is used to make purchases in Guild Shipments. These involve activities such as completing X PvP battles as a group and have cooperative and competitive aspects. The Daily Activity “Personal Guild Contribution” is the only way to earn Guild Bank Coins, which are needed to summon Raids. This activity is completed by spending Energy anywhere in the game.

Q: Will guilds be playable across servers or on one server only?

A: They will be able to have members from all "servers", just like your allies list.

Q: Will a guild be assigned to one timezone and the activities stick to that timezones schedule, or will they be based on each members timezone?

A: A Guild is assigned to one timezone, the Guild Leaders.

Q: Who pays the fee when creating a Guild?

A: The Guild Leader is the one that must pay the entire cost.

Q: How many members can a Guild have?

A: 50

Q: Can a Guild Leader remove members from their Guild?

A: Yes, the Guild Leader can remove members that they no longer want in their Guild. A Guild Leader can also make assign the role of Officer to players in their Guild, giving them the ability to also remove members, invite members, and summon Raids.

Q: Will the Guild Store be available right away on Sunday?

A: No, the Guild Store won't show up until Monday when we fully push out the update to all players. At this time, a large number of bug fixes will also be patched in.


Q: How doable is a Guild for FTP?
A: Very doable! Raid difficulties start at no requirements for the first tier and then go up by 1 star in difficulty each tier after, lettings players of all progression levels jump in The Pit.

Q: How long is the raid? What is the specific time frame to complete it?
A: The first 6 Raid Tiers do not have a time limit and characters refresh once a day allowing a Guild of any size to complete it. The final tier (Heroic) has a 2 day time limit). Regarding how long a Raid will take to complete, that scales greatly based on the number of players in the Guild and the quality of their characters/strategy.

Q: Will we be able to win crystals via guilds?
A: Crystals are not part of the rewards earned through Guilds or Raids.

Q: Can an individual in a smaller than 50 guild be rewarded the same as if you were a member of a 50 person guild?

A: It will be much harder to complete higher tiers of Guild Daily Activities, but yes, the rewards would be the same if the goals can be met. Raids will be harder to complete with fewer members as well, but doable over a longer period of time (except for Heroic difficulty since there is a time limit).

Q: Are the achievements going to be worth it and advantageous for everyone in a guild to target just those and forego the regular farming we would normally use our energy for?
A: No, players will need to spend energy in all areas of the game to contribute to their Guild Bank Currency which is used to activate Raids.

Q: As long as you do a decent amount of whatever the daily guild requirement is, will you earn enough Guild credit to buy a 5 shard pack for a character in Shipments?
A: Players who regularly contribute to Guild Activities and the Raids will earn enough Guild Currency to regularly make purchases in Guild Shipments. This is assuming that the Guild has many other members that are also contributing daily. Guilds are about collaboration, so the more players work together the more frequently each player will be able to purchase shard packs from Guild Shipments.

Q: With the 7 tiers, can you only complete one each raid?
A: Once a Raid is activated you will be unable to activate another one until the current one is completed.

Q: Will we be granted enough guild currency upon creation to immediately start a raid or will we have to earn if from zero upon creating the guild?
A: Guilds will need to earn enough Guild Bank Coins before being able to participate in a Raid.

Q: Do you play live with other members of the guild, or is it on an individual basis?
A: All players will take their squad and battle against the Rancor individually, but the health of it is shared between all players in the Guild. So players will need to work together if they want to have a chance of defeating this massive foe.

Q: Is there any advantage or disadvantage of guild members being in different Timezones from the Guild Leaders time?
A: This depends on the nature of the Guild. If the Guild Leader summons a Raid while certain members are unable to play the game, they may defeat the Rancor and rewards will only be given to those that participated.

Q: What is the character limit for your name?
A: [need to verify with dev team, check back for the answer tomorrow!]

Q: Will normal credits/currency be part the reward system in guilds to help with the credit crunch?
A: Completing Raids will award an amount of Credits, along with other prizes.

Q: What are the squad sizes in raids?
A: 5

Q: Are we going to be able to borrow an ally from guild-mates?
A: No

Q: Can players leave a Guild after joining one?
A: Yes, players can leave a Guild at any time, however there will be a short cooldown period before they are able to join another Guild (to prevent Guild hopping)

Q: "characters refresh once a day"
does this mean the raids are like Galactic War and you use your entire applicable roster five characters at a time until you run out of characters, or is there a different limit on the attempts each player can make on the raid each day?

A: There is a limit on the number of attempts each day. Also, any character that is defeated during the Raid must wait until the following day before they can be used again.

Q: What will the mechanism be for adding members to a guild roster? Does the guild leader send invites or do potential members apply to the guild? Or both?
A: A Guild Leader can set a number of ways to open up their Guild for members. They can set it so that the Guild is invite only, or they can set it to open so that players may freely join.

Q: For buying the new gear, the mats reward will be random or we will choose it in guild shipments?
A: The Guild Store will have Shards and Gear that can be purchased with Guild Currency. There will also be Gear rewarded by completing a Raid.


  1. How do you contribute guild coin

  2. I have a very worrisome issue.. Since I am only lvl 60 my friendslist is only filled with lvl 60- because those are the only levels I'm allowed to add as friends in which is making my guild less powerful whilst a person of higher lvl will have stronger people..

    1. Join me, I am level 73 hunting for prime players

    2. Join me, I am level 73 hunting for prime players

  3. Join my guild! Level 60 requirement, hopefully, most of us will be level 70+. The guild is called HanJabba Nation

  4. Join my guild! Level 60 requirement, hopefully, most of us will be level 70+. The guild is called HanJabba Nation

  5. Do attempts (you start with 5) and character refreshes reset each day?

  6. Hi, the term "weekly guild currency" worries me. Does this mean that the creds needed to unlock raids resets to zero on a weekly basis? Or can we stockpile raid creds from one week so we can do several raids back to back the following week?

  7. If you start a t7 raid and fail do you still get pay outs?

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  9. Falcons R Us is now recruiting. Accepting all players who contribute.

  10. Falcons R Us is now recruiting. Accepting all players who contribute.


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