Monday, April 4, 2016

EA Posted the April Update - Teaser Trailer

EA_Jesse posted today on the official SWGoH forums a teaser trailer for what's coming up in April.  It looks to possibly be a rancor trying to bust down a gate?  Your guess is as good as mine.  However, it doesn't appear to be anything to do with Ship Battles or Guild feature implementation as many have speculated on.  Leave a comment below with your thoughts!  Here is the post and the trailer.

Greetings Heroes,

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing more information on our next major update which will launch towards the end of this month. This is our biggest update yet and we can't wait to get it into your hands and hear what you think! This update adds exciting new features that will have you playing with other players like never before.

And now, here is a short teaser trailer to give you a hint of the big things coming your way later this month.

The team has been working very hard to bring you an awesome, brand new experience.

We hope you like it!

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