Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SWGOH Game Update - 4/27/2016

EA_Jesse just posted the notes for the Game Update today:


Here are the notes for today’s update.

· DoTs and Bombs are once again able to kill units.
· Captain Phasma’s Fusillade ability now fires in the correct direction.
· The tooltip for Topple is now correct when knocking the door down onto the Rancor.
· Health Pips (Bars) have been adjusted to make it easier to tell how much health a character has left.
· The text on Raid Booster Packs has been updated for better clarity on what the pack contains.
· Payouts for Guild Activities were incorrect for Ranks 41-50 on Tier 4 challenges for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This has been fixed so that they now receive the correct Payouts. Previously they were awarding higher Payouts than the Ranks above them.

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