Saturday, April 23, 2016

SWGOH New Guild Challenge Daily "Preptool" Spreadsheet by Daniels Jack

Daniels Jack sent me this on Discord:

"Hi Skunk,
Some users told me to add a day/night version for my "Timezone table" because the original one was just to crazy and only for hardcore players.

I will send you my updated tool (not finished yet... needs a lot more stuff to do)

But what's noticeable is the change for F2P players (up to 90 energy difference =15 less battles).

Doesn't seems much for p2p (just 1 refresh), but f2p user need this little edge In short, if you look at my table -6h from leader will be ideal. So US have EU leader, EU have Asian leader, and Asians have US leader.

For hardcore f2p players its +6h (or people working late at night)"

Check out a preview of his new "preptool" spreadsheet here!

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