Thursday, April 14, 2016

EA Posted Game Updates, Try to Calm the Masses!

So EA_Jesse did post some info about the combat changes coming today in the General Discussion section and not in the normal forums where he usually posts this information.  Be sure to check out his edit as EA tries to calm the masses after this blowup almost broke the interweb.  Here is what he had to say:

Hey Everyone,

Quick post for you all here so that we can have everything in one place.

  • New Event for iOS users -
  • Health bar changes - visual change to make it easier to see how much health a character really has. Before, it would look like 2 characters would have the same amount of pips (green bars), when actually they could have quite different health values. The health on characters hasn't changed, just the display has.
  • Balance Update - this will be going live between 1:30 and 4:30pm Pacific Time today. We'll do our best to avoid Arena payout windows.
  • Another surprise! - I'll be posting more details in a separate thread about a new Event for BOTH iOS and Android players. This event will also be going live today.


For everyone talking about the damage changes, I ask that you wait and get the update and judge for yourself how it plays now. We didn't just change damage, we've added Protection and Defense which also need to be taken into account when looking at everything. Also, please note that the website everyone is talking about is showing rank 8 for the abilities, not what most of you have now. Some of those abilities had damage values that were too high, such as Grand Master Yoda for example.

These poor EA/CG guys definitely deserve a drink after they get off work tonight!

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