Friday, April 22, 2016

SWGOH Guild Guide "Why Time Zone Doesn't Matter!"

Daniels Jacks is at it again!  Here is his Guild Guide on "Why Time Zone Doesn't Matter!"

I tried to establish a timetable for the Monday raid and have found out that until + 6h time difference nothing changes. A short time difference is sometimes even better.

Here is a short preview of the Sunday/Monday schedule:

The Results: (Refresh on Sunday and Monday: 4x50 and 2x100)
RefreshCrystals Neededmax LS Fights
Leader Timezone6400204
Timezone +66400204
Timezone -66400196
Timezone +12/-126400195
Remember: Tier 7 = 9900 fights --> divided by 50 = 198 fights/member
So some Member have to refresh more to be save, but thats another topic

A more detailed explanation about the data is coming soon.
I work with Finity together to integrate the schedule in his table. The goal is to have all the key information stored in one spreadsheet.
If you havent seen his tool already here is the link:
If someone wants to help us, contact me on Discord. I've already seen some great guild articels from various people.
Best regards
-Daniels_Jack- (I hope I did not make too many mistakes. English is not my native language)

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