Monday, April 25, 2016 Guilds Launched with 12+ Guilds! Grandepatron is the MVP!

Wow!  Talk about a tall task.  When I decided to provide, and announce on the Live Shows,  guilds for anyone in the Community to join - I never expected to have so many members that we would need to create, organize and build the best guilds for over 600 people.  Using a registration form and then adding an algorithm to determine the guild ranks and rosters was time consuming - but coordinating all those members into those guilds was a daunting task none of the leadership could predict the outcome of.  So approximately 4 hours after the "soft launch" we are now sitting at 12 with a possible 13th and 14th guild in our Guilds

The TeamSkunk main Guild has already completed Tier 6 and we still only have 38 members or so as many are not online yet to accept the guild invites.  I was a little concerned at how difficult these Daily Guild Challenges might be, but with all the guides and resources we have here on the site, our Reddit and in Discord it's pretty cool how quickly we are progressing.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Grandepatron and all the TeamSkunk Leadership who helped in organizing this madness!  If you are interested in joining a Guild we will do our best to get you in one in a timely manner (“PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan” -Yoda), visit for more info. 


  1. Hey skunk I'm having issues with the dicord.. if you could get someone to email me. I sent a request on discord but no acceptance.


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