Saturday, April 16, 2016 Community Member Fragos Listens to the Live Streams While at Work...

And 10 out of 10 of patients is da best!

Thanks Fragos!


  1. Doing the same thing today brother...

  2. That is great! I myself am a driving instructor in Southern California. Recently I have been listening to the live streams with my students. Even though most of them have no idea what SWGoH is, they get a kick out of the humor from the stream personalities. Even my female students love the variation in accents heard on stream! Good to know that even people who don't play the game are entertained by Lord Skunk and this community :)

  3. Dear Subscribers:

    Apply heated thumbs to Tablet QID PRN... If Mediocraty Persists, Please schedule follow up with Team Skunk Specialist STAT for further Examination and Evaluation
    Happy Saturday/Sunday Mates

  4. Sweggy, I've been listening to the voice chat all day


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