Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SWGOH Game Update - 4/25/2016

EA_Jesse posted a Game Update late last night.  Here is what he had to say:


Here is a list of changes that just went out with the small update we did this evening (around 7:40pm Pacific).
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes kick a player from a Guild if they rejected a pending invite from the Guild they were already in.
  • Old Ben has had his leader ability fixed (again!). His Leader ability should now work as it is described.
  • Gear has been updated in Shipments. All equipment that sell for Crystals will appear at the top, while those requiring Credits will appear towards the bottom of the window.
  • 500 Crystals were sent out to all players due to there being connectivity issues the past 2 days.
  • Players will no longer receive error message that requires a restart when attempting to battle another squad in Arena and will instead receive the message “This battle is no longer available or is already engaged at this time.” Or “This action is not accessible at this time.” The client should no longer restart, however players will be dropped to the Cantina. This will be fixed in an upcoming Client update. These errors are a result of players attempting to battle another player who is already in combat.
  • Shard Shop values were incorrect in this latest refresh and will be back to normal prices when the store refreshes again for players.


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