Sunday, April 10, 2016

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Discussion, Gear Mania, Get Guilded and MORE!

Welcome to’s Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Live Stream! Today we will discuss one of the most controversial topics in SW:GoH currently, GEAR!   We will over cover guilds, raids, combat info and more.  Also we will look at some of the top players in the world’s progression and thoughts on the level cap increase so far.  Need help or advice?  Hear from the best and ask questions in our Live Chat.  Featuring Lord Skunk with Special Co-Host and Guests!  We will cover general SW:GoH discussion as well as answer any questions.  Also going to complete Arena matches, Galactic Wars and look at both perspectives from my Free to Play and Pay to Play Accounts.  And always I will answer any questions and of course we will have some general Star Wars discussion. Do you enjoy the Channel, Content, Streams and Community?  Leave a review here:

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  1. Thanks very much for this amazing Site... It's incredible... Super Tight resource for all of us who love Heroes ✌️✌✌✌

    Your loyal Paduan,

    (Lee from Maryland)


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